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This rare little monkey lived from at least mid-2005 towards the bottom of Ravenscroft St, close to Columbia Rd (postcode: E2 7QB. Map/GPS reference: TQ 33927 82885)
There is only one rule in life. Yes, really… just one. You can never have enough monkeys.
That’s it. Sorry if I have now spoiled the meaning of life for you, but you had to know sooner or later. Oh, and whilst I’m making people’s lives better I’ll let you into a secret: the tooth fairies don’t really leave you money in return for your teeth; it’s your parents.
Never the greatest graffiti (it was rather small and hence the detail was poor) but for a long time it was the only surviving example around. It was then buffed (circa December 2006). There is a photo of a similar monkey in Wall and Piece, but it’s not conclusive evidence that this one is ‘real’. We’ll never totally know.

BULL, Martin. Banksy locations & tours vol 1: a collection of graffiti locations and photographs in London, England. Canada: PM Press, 2011. p. 68-69.


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